During the Year of 1953, The Vulcan Pioneers were established as a social -civic organization consisting of black and other minority firefighters from various Northern New Jersey communities.

On October 16, 1957, The Vulcan Pioneers of new Jersey organization was Incorporated. As the years pass, more blacks were appointed to various fire departments throughout the state of New Jersey.

Due to the increase of minority memberships and local identification wants and needs, many new organizations were formed from the Vulcan Pioneers of New Jersey. Out of that growth came Atlantic City, Camden, East Orange, Jersey City New Brunswick and Paterson just to name a few.

The Vulcan Pioneers of New Jersey were part of a group of known as the “Black Professional Firefighters Organization”, consisting of five organizations: Vulcan Society, Inc. New York ,Phoenix Society, Inc. Philadelphia, PA, and the Vulcan Pioneers of New Jersey, Inc. Newark, New Jersey.

In October of 1969, B.P.F.F hosted a conference at the Biltmore Hotel in New York City. Inviting Black Professional Firefighters throughout the country. As a result of common issues and concerns, the idea of forming a National Organization of Black Professional Firefighters came into existence the following year.

The International Association of Black Professional Firefighters was established in Hartford, Connecticut on October 2, 1970.

Today’s mission of the Vulcan Pioneers Organization remains the same as in the past. We shall continue to strive to better the working conditions of every Black Firefighter as well as all minorities through upward mobility, increasing minority recruitment into the fire service and providing service to the people in a manner that our community would be proud of.

In the 50 years that the Vulcan Pioneers have been incorporated there has been many obstacles, some have been resolved and some have yet to be resolved. We will continue in our struggles to keep the fires burning for Justice.

Keeping The Fires Burning For Justice


Community Focused

Diversity Minded

Service Oriented